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Why is the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine So Efficient?

Why is the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine So Efficient?

It is said that the production capacity of the fiber laser cutter is high, but what is the operation effect of the fiber laser cutter? Let's find out together!

Ⅰ. Operation effect of fiber laser cutter:

When the laser cutting machine starts the material processing operation, in order to achieve the product production requirements, it is necessary to cut various materials into corresponding sizes, so that they can be put into the following processing procedures. Therefore, in this type of manufacturing industry, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of cutting equipment. The use of cutting equipment also affects the processing quality of materials. If the equipment used does not meet the required specifications, it will not be able to achieve the ideal application effect. Therefore, in recent years, the use of fiber laser cutters for sheet metal has been increasing, and the application of fiber laser cutters in China has provided a lot of convenience for the progress of the industry.

Ⅱ. The process of cutting effect of fiber laser cutter:

1. Use common edge cutting and typesetting

It not only reduces the way of sheet fiber laser cutter, but also saves cutting materials. Only one hole is used to achieve continuous cutting of multiple workpieces, which improves production capacity and saves materials.

2. Use oxygen assist gas

The function of laser cutting sheet metal is to use a high-energy laser beam to melt the surface of the sheet metal to achieve the function of disconnection. If oxygen-assisted gas is used, the oxidation of sheet metal can be improved to achieve a molten state, thereby improving the cutting effect of the sheet metal fiber laser cutter.

3. Use the bridging and continuous cutting programming methods of workpieces

The programming technology focuses more on improving the cutting efficiency and cutting effect. This kind of programming method cannot be realized by the traditional cutting technology. Using special computer software to draw pictures, the cutting paths of multiple workpieces are connected together, so that the laser cutting machine can cut the entire steel plate with only one hole when it is working.

The use of fiber laser cutters to manufacture and produce materials can also achieve higher stability. The production technology used by the fiber laser cutting equipment launched today is very reliable, which not only makes the fiber laser cutting equipment in a better state of use, but also makes the equipment in It is more stable when processing materials, not easily affected by the environment, and can achieve higher production specifications.

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