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Analysis and Summary of Customer Pain Points for Eye Seam Pipe P2060A

Analysis and Summary of Customer Pain Points for Eye Seam Pipe P2060A

Customer's requirement: 89×38mm and 114×64mm eye seam pipes, with length of 4.5M-6M.


Ⅰ. How to realize automatic processing of special-shaped tubes?

1. The feeding machine has precise servo control such as precise feeding-pushing-length measurement so as to ensure that the pipe is sent to the pipe cutting machine stably and accurately.

2. The PA system and the feeder share data to ensure accurate delivery of the gripping position-tool position-missing material position.

3. The special front and rear jaws custom-made fixtures ensure the cutting accuracy of the pipe.

4. Because the length of the pipe is relatively large, the clamp of the feeder and the equipment support will interfere. Because we have the data sharing function, we can automatically choose how to discharge the pipe according to different pipes.

5. The cutting program is automatically switched without human intervention.

Ⅱ. How to solve the problem of pipe and custom-made claw scratches?


1. After a lot of tests, with the final special radian and processing, the scratch problem is solved.

Ⅲ. Since the poduction process of the eye-seam pipe is different from that of the standard pipe, it is more difficult to achieve standard straightness and torsion of the pipe. How to ensure cutting accuracy?


1. With special fixtures, unique craftsmanship and continuous testing of 100 tubes, customers are satisfied with accuracy!

Ⅳ. The customer mentioned: what should I do if I want zero tailings?

图片4 (1).jpg

1. According to the characteristics of the customer's graphics, zero tailings can be guaranteed within half a meter. With the opening function of the card, the setting of the rand and the adjustable clamping force of the chuck, etc., zero tailings is finally achieved.

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