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Application of Laser Cutting Robot in Kitchenware Industry

Application of Laser Cutting Robot in Kitchenware Industry

Consumer demand is an important indicator of industry reform and progress. Nowadays, people have more and various kitchen utensils, cabinets, range hoods, pots, bowls, basins, these are all we need in our daily life. So, how is kitchenware made? Metal laser cutting robot is a very important kitchenware processing tool. It can not only reduce the processing time of kitchenware but also improve the quality of processing.

1. The laser cutting robot is used for kitchenware processing

Laser cutting robots are mainly used to cut sheet metal panels for kitchenware and bathroom products. With the continuous upgrading of consumption in recent years, the kitchenware industry has ushered in opportunities in the laser cutting machine market. Traditional die punching technology cannot meet the production needs of high-end products. The laser cutting machine brings advanced production technology to the kitchen and bathroom industry and provides efficient production equipment for creating high-end kitchen and bathroom products.

The traditional kitchenware processing equipment uses a CNC punching machine and then cooperates with polishing, shearing and bending, and other processes to complete the production. This kind of processing efficiency is relatively low because the mold-making time is long and the cost is high. Under the urgent need of such manufacturers, laser cutting robots have been produced. The development of laser cutting is very rapid. It can directly produce all kinds of kitchenware without molds, which has long-term significance for the kitchenware processing industry.

Kitchenware and bathroom products are essential daily necessities for the family. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for household kitchen utensils are also increasing. The kitchenware market is also a sunrise industry, entering a stage of qualitative change from rapid growth to gradual maturity. The development prospects of the kitchenware market are good, and the advantages of laser cutting machines used in this industry are becoming more and more obvious.

2. Processing advantages of laser cutting robots

The advantages of kitchenware products used in laser production are great. The laser cutting robot, also known as the 3d robot fiber laser cutting machine, is a laser device that specializes in cutting metal materials. In addition, there are many kinds of machines in the laser equipment industry: laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, and laser mixed cutting machines. Using the characteristics of laser non-contact processing, laser-cut products are not easy to be squeezed and deformed, cut quickly, without dust, and are intelligent and environmentally friendly. The metal laser cutting machine has high processing accuracy. For those products with high-quality requirements, laser cutting is a very good choice, and it also greatly saves costs.

The metal laser cutting process appears as an alternative to "shear-punch", which has the characteristics of flexibility and high flexibility. For the processing of special-shaped parts, metal laser cutting is particularly popular. Using this system, you only need to make the cutting graphics, import them into the control system, and then set the size for cutting. The cutting time is short and the quality is good.

The choice of metal laser cutting machine manufacturer is a very important part. Only with the equipment produced by good manufacturers can we get better products. Golden Laser's laser cutting robot has good processing technology, good quality of equipment polishing, stable equipment during work, and low noise. The accessories we use are all brands that have been tested in the market for many years, and we are committed to choosing cost-effective configurations for our customers.

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