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What Are the Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine Compared with Traditional Cutting?

What Are the Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine Compared with Traditional Cutting?

1. The technology of laser cutting machine

The cutting of the laser cutting machine requires a lot of freedom for the material, shape, size and processing environment of the pipe. Its spatial controllability (beam direction change, rotation, scanning, etc.) and time controllability (on, off, Excellent pulse interval), easy to control, and because of the high precision of laser cutting and less burrs, the time consumed by subsequent processing is greatly reduced.

When changing the diameter or shape of the pipe, it is only necessary to modify the program, so the development of pipe cutting software is of great research value. The combination of laser cutting system and computer numerical control technology can constitute efficient automation equipment, opening up a new way for high-quality, efficient and low-cost processing.

2. How to use the tube laser cutting machine for laser cutting?

First, the focused laser beam must run synchronously with the pipe being cut on the automatic pipe cutting production line;

Secondly, it is required that the focus of the laser after focusing can rotate one circle relative to the pipe to be cut, and the axis of the laser beam is always perpendicular to the axis of the pipe. During the cutting process, the laser beam of the pipe cutting production line moves with the pipe to be cut.

These synchronous movements must be controlled by a special control system, so the research on the automatic production line of tube laser cutting is also of great significance.

Since the tube laser cutter adopts a non-contact processing method, during the whole processing process, there will be no pressure on the tube wall of the tube, so the outer surface of the tube will not be deformed or collapsed.

Compared with traditional processing equipment such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting, etc., the precision of laser cutting metal sheet is much higher. At the same time, as mentioned above, different materials may undergo slight expansion and deformation during processing. The cutting machine can be flexibly adjusted according to these deformations, which is also beyond the reach of many traditional processes.

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