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Application of Robot Laser Cutting Machine in Advertising Industry

Application of Robot Laser Cutting Machine in Advertising Industry

In the 21st century, science and technology are developing rapidly and society is changing rapidly. The wheels of history keep moving forward, forcing all industries to innovate, eliminate old industries, and give birth to new technologies. No matter which industry it is, if it always follows the tradition and refuses to innovate, it will definitely be eliminated. In this context, some entrepreneurs attach importance to the update of processing technology, the rise of robotic laser cutting machine technology, and take the lead in seeking development.

The laser cutting machine launched with laser cutting technology as the core has become a boon for the processing industry. The application industry of laser cutting machines is very wide. Below we will share with you the help of robot laser cutting machine in the advertising industry. The advertising industry is closely related to daily life, and advertisements can be seen everywhere in life. So what kind of help does the robotic laser cutting machine do to the advertising industry?

Generally speaking, the most commonly used materials in the advertising industry are thin metal plates such as stainless steel. The robotic laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in the processing of thin metal plates, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The robot laser cutting machine saves more material

Using computer programming technology, product graphics of different shapes can be imported into the computer software system in advance, and the computer will automatically optimize the material layout to maximize the efficiency of material utilization.

2. The robot laser cutting machine can simplify the program

The machining accuracy of the robot laser cutting machine is much higher than other machines. So the metal cutting edge is smooth, which is formed at one time without subsequent edge modification. At the same time, using the smart laser cutting machine can eliminate the mold opening process and improve efficiency.

3. Robot laser cutting machine saves mold investment

Since the opening of the mold is omitted, the consumption of the mold will be reduced. Manufacturers also do not need to repair and replace molds, reducing production costs. At the same time, the use of robotic laser cutting machines can also improve the company's market response speed. According to the cutting requirements of different customers, the cutting can be completed quickly, which is especially suitable for multiple types and multi-batch production modes. Therefore, there are more and more laser cutting machine manufacturers using this kind of machine.

4. The robot laser cutting machine can protect the environment

Laser cutting belongs to the category of environmental protection processing, with lower noise, clean and pollution-free, which also effectively solves the situation that enterprises cannot produce due to environmental problems. We can find that production workshops using robotic laser cutting machines tend to be cleaner and have less cutting waste.

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