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Automation for Laser Tube Cutting Machine in Electrical Industry

Automation for Laser Tube Cutting Machine in Electrical Industry

Automation describes a wide range of technologies that reduce human intervention in processes. Recently, Golden Laser has customized an automation laser solution for laser tube cutting machines in the electrical industry.

What are the requirements of the clients in the electrical industry?

● This customer focuses on electromechanical manufacturing. In the process of transformer manufacturing, it is necessary to cut a large number of carbon steel round tubes, which requires high cutting precision of the tubes and is easy for the next welding process.

● And the inner wall of the processed pipe is required to be clean and free of burrs.

● Require uninterrupted pipe processing throughout the day to improve tube processing efficiency and save labor.

● The length of the raw material is usually 9m, the thickness is 4mm, and the diameter of the pipe is within Φ100mm.

What kind of automated laser solutions does Golden Laser suggest to customers?

● Laser cutting:

3D 5-axis laser pipe cutting machine with swivel laser head for easy beveling tube cutting, making seamless splicing easier! Customized and lengthened 9m machine bed, with automatic feeder, can realize automatic feeding of the whole bundle of pipes.

● Automatic loading:

Industrial robots are responsible for loading.

● Finished product accuracy guarantee:

A grinding machine.

Introduction of grinding machine

This grinding machine is used to grind and remove slag on the inner wall of the pipe with a fixed circular section size, and the length of the pipe is 200-2000 mm. The grinding process is carried out by the method of moving and feeding the fixed grinding head of the tube. The whole machine runs automatically, and the grinding area is equipped with a protective cover and a slag hopper to prevent the residue from polluting the environment.

● Automatic palletizing:

Industrial robots are responsible for palletizing.

Let's watch the video about automation for laser tube processing


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