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How to Improve the Utilization Rate and Accuracy of CNC Pipe Cutting Machine?

How to Improve the Utilization Rate and Accuracy of CNC Pipe Cutting Machine?

Ⅰ. Only by improving the utilization rate of the CNC pipe cutting machine can the work efficiency be greatly improved

As the primary processing equipment of raw materials, CNC pipe cutting machine is used very frequently in the daily work of mechanical processing enterprises. How to reduce the use cost of pipe cutting machine is a problem that many users pay special attention to. We integrate many end users to use Experience, strictly control the use efficiency of the pipe cutting machine:

1. Maximize cutting time

Although the CNC pipe cutting machine is a kind of primary processing equipment, frequent switching on and off not only reduces the work efficiency, but also damages the equipment. Here, it is recommended that enterprises plan the cutting time reasonably, complete the cutting task as much as possible at one time and efficiently, and minimize the cutting time. Downtime due to maintenance. At the same time, in order to reduce the cutting gap, as an auxiliary infrastructure, we also put forward suggestions on material transportation.

2. Minimize secondary processing

The best way to reduce the secondary processing cost of CNC pipe cutting machine is to optimize the cutting quality. If we are to achieve this goal quickly, we need not only high-quality machine tools but also well-trained operators. Skilled operators can cut more workpieces to obtain higher cutting quality and reduce secondary processing costs.

3. Control the cost of consumable parts

A good operator can produce more products with the same number of consumable parts, preventing fatal errors from occurring. In this way, the time for manual loading and unloading can be reduced, and the operator can focus on cutting work.

Suggestions for the operation of the CNC pipe cutting machine: If the machine's automatic lifting device or the air speed of the machine tool is too slow, it will cause the time for the cutting torch to be positioned even longer than the actual cutting time, so we must properly adjust the speed of the machine.

Ⅱ. In order to ensure the accuracy of the CNC pipe cutting machine, we need to know the following steps:

1. Before each CNC pipe cutting machine works, the back door of the automatic pipe cutting machine must be opened first to check whether the triangle belt is tight and cannot be loosened or tightened. Transmission chains, sprockets, worm gears, screw rods, guide rails and other components all require mechanical lubrication.

2. The V-belt of the spindle motor should be tightened frequently, and the speed of the diamond cutter will drop. Not only cannot the test piece be cut, but it will also seriously affect the machine equipment.

3. After the power of the CNC pipe cutting machine is turned on, it is necessary to start the host button, and observe the direction of the steering arrow to ensure that the steering is correct, otherwise the spindle will be turned too low after starting, which may cause damage to the machine.

4. After the cutter moves to the terminal, it is necessary to hold the blade completely away from the test piece, then turn off the tap water, and then open the airtight door to take out the test piece.

5. The diamond cutter of the CNC pipe cutting machine is a precious product. Try to avoid collision when clamping the rock, so as to avoid deformation of the blade and affect the cutting quality.

6. During normal feeding, do not press the fast forward button of the automatic pipe cutting machine. Otherwise it will damage the blade and the machine.

7. Pay attention to whether the cooling water of the pipe cutting machine is sufficient at any time. If the cooling is insufficient, the blade will be worn or stuck.

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