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Safety Guidelines When Using Fiber Laser Cutter

Safety Guidelines When Using Fiber Laser Cutter

As a high-tech equipment for metal cutting, fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in the field of metal manufacturing. Fiber laser cutting machines can cut metal sheets and metal pipes, and are also ahead of other traditional metal cutting processes in terms of consumables, efficiency, and environmental protection. Correct use of fiber laser cutting machine is conducive to maintaining cutting accuracy and prolonging the service life of the equipment. Therefore, how to operate the optical fiber metal cutting machine safely has become a concern of equipment operators.

1. Before the fiber laser cutting machine starts to work, the operator should check the machine in detail according to the equipment checklist. If a problem is found, immediate action should be taken. If the problem is not resolved, do not start the machine without authorization.

2. Check whether the pneumatic part of the fiber laser cutting machine is leaking and whether the compressed air pressure meets the requirements. The moisture in the compressed air must be removed before working every day, if there is any leakage, please deal with it immediately.

3. Check whether the distribution box, power supply, grounding wire, indicator light, instrument, emergency switch, etc. of the fiber laser cutting machine are normal and reliable.

4. Check whether the oil level of the lubricating hydraulic system and the laser cooling system of the fiber laser cutting machine is normal, and whether the water level is normal. If there is a shortage of water or oil, it should be replenished in time. The water level of the cooling water tank of the laser generator cannot be lower than the minimum mark. Check whether the water temperature is normal, make sure the cooling water temperature meets the standard, and make the machine glow normally.

5. When using the sheet metal laser cutting machine, pay attention to moisture-proof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion, and keep the machine clean and well ventilated.

6. Check and clean the workbench of the fiber laser cutting machine and the surrounding site to keep it clean and free of waste accumulation. Place the cut metal workpiece in the designated position as required to prevent the machine from being scratched.

7. Because the fiber laser cutting machine needs to be equipped with auxiliary gas when cutting metal. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the pressure reducers and instruments of each gas cylinder are in good condition, and whether the gas cylinders are installed securely. The pipe connection is firm and there is no air leakage.

8. Start the fiber laser cutting machine equipment for no-load test before work, and perform metal cutting after confirming that the machine works normally. If the device fails, it can only be turned on and work after the problem is solved.

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