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Laser Cutting Technology in Die Casting Products

Laser Cutting Technology in Die Casting Products

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to vaporize materials, resulting in a cut edge. Die casting is a metal casting process involving feeding molten nonferrous alloys into dies under high pressure and at high speed to rapidly create molded products. The main materials used in die casting are aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloys.

Golden Laser uses laser cutting technology to help customers in the home appliance manufacturing industry solve the processing problems of die-casting products.

What are the processing requirements of the client for die-casting products?

Cut off the excess material of the die-casting product and ensure the quality of the product.

What’s the Die casting process?

• Melt

• Die casting

• Polished

• Finishing

• Surface treatment

• Spray

• Assembly

What is the difference between traditional craft and laser cutting?

Current Manufacturing Process

The existing method for removing the residual material is manual removal, and the personnel knocks the residual material with a tool to break it.

There are the following disadvantages:

1. The fracture is uncontrollable. The fracture damages the base metal and causes the product to be scrapped. Excessive fracture residue affects the grinding efficiency.

2. The pouring handle is not easy to break

3. Some parts are not easy to break and need to be made to cut off the mold to increase the cost

Laser Cutting Process

Advantages of Laser Cutting

1. The cutting position is fixed, the residual material is easy to control, and the yield and efficiency are improved

2. The material at the pouring handle is also easy to cut

3. Can be cut at one time to save mold cost

4. Laser cutting part of the holes makes the die-casting mold manufacturing simple and reduces the mold manufacturing cost

5. Multi-station saves labor and reduces manufacturing costs



Laser Cutting Technology Application:

1. Products with large batches

2. Products that require automation

3. Products with a large amount of residual material and a large pouring port that are not easy to remove manually

4. Products that need to open process holes to reduce mold cost

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