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Metal Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine is a Must for Guardrail Cutting

Metal Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine is a Must for Guardrail Cutting

There are a wide range of guardrails, one of which is used in the real estate industry, including guardrails for balconies, guardrails for windows, etc. The handrails of Shenzhen stairs are also one of the guardrails. With the rapid development of real estate in recent decades, it has also driven the rapid development of the upstream and downstream of the real estate industry chain. There is a huge demand in the guardrail industry, which has higher requirements for the processing efficiency and quality of guardrail products. It is said that one out of every two guardrail cutting manufacturers is using a fiber laser pipe cutting machine.

1. Fiber laser pipe cutting machine can effectively deal with the diversification of guardrails

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine is a high-tech product integrating laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology and other disciplines. It can realize a series of functions such as automatic bundle feeding, CCD pipe section identification system, pipe floating trusteeship mechanism, automatic sorting and unloading of finished pipe fittings, intelligent remote monitoring, and automatic measurement of tube sheet length.

In the cutting of guardrails, there are many pipes such as square pipes, rectangular pipes, round pipes, elliptical pipes and special-shaped pipes, and tubular profiles such as angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, T-beam, etc., which are all applicable to fiber laser pipe cutting machines, and More than enough, at the same time, the materials that can be processed by the fiber laser pipe cutting machine include carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloy pipes, copper alloy pipes, titanium alloy pipes and other metal pipe materials.

In addition, the pipes used in the guardrail industry are diverse and have different diameters. In addition to fully automatic cutting, the pipe laser pipe cutting machine can also perform oblique cutting, opening, engraving, rotary opening, etc., to achieve Diversified processing of pipes.

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine has become an essential tool in the cutting of guardrails. With the development of laser technology, Internet of Things technology and Internet technology, fiber laser pipe cutting machines have become more and more intelligent. The end customers of the industry get real benefits. Instead of the traditional way of manual pipe cutting.

2. Buy fiber laser pipe cutting machines and choose regular manufacturers

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine is generally composed of workbench, computer numerical control cabinet, laser generator, computer system, beam transmission components and other parts. The laser generator is the core part of the laser cutting machine. What kind of configuration the manufacturer adopts determines the price of the laser cutting machine. You can make corresponding choices according to the actual budget of the company.

The price of the laser cutting machine mainly depends on these aspects. Do you have a clearer understanding after reading it? The price of laser cutting machines is generally not low. Customers should be more careful when choosing products, and try to choose a regular laser cutting machine manufacturer like us.

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