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How is Laser Tube Cutting Used in the Photovoltaic Mounting System?

How is Laser Tube Cutting Used in the Photovoltaic Mounting System?

Laser tube cutting uses non-contact laser cutting processing, and the whole pipe fittings will not be deformed due to stress. Matching the ultra-high-speed chuck, the cutting speed can reach 120m/min. Laser tube cutting accuracy can be controlled within ±0.02mm, which is sufficient to meet the requirements of photovoltaic mounting system manufacturing.

How laser tube cutting machines cutting photovoltaic mounting pipe fittings?

Photovoltaic mounting systems (also called solar module racking) are used to fix solar panels on surfaces like roofs, building facades, or the ground. The general materials are aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel.

√ First Step: Import laser cutting diagram

Golden Laser tube cutting laser machine adopts professional Lantek nesting software, which can quickly design perforation, bevel and other functions without drawing sketches. The design efficiency for conventional tube parts is much greater than that of 3D design software.


√ Second Step: Automatic feeding pipes

Golden Laser automatic tube cutting machine supports mixed loading of similar pipes with different lengths. After the length of each pipe is measured on the feeding system, the data will be transmitted to the cutting control system in real time, and the clamping position of the pipe cutting machine chuck can be changed adaptively without manual intervention.


√ Third Step: High-speed laser cutting and drilling

Photovoltaic brackets usually use metal square tubes or round tubes. The tube laser cutter can easily process conventional tubes.

Unique three-knife cutting for the bevel co-edge, remove the protrusions on the back end of the bevel co-edge cutting, facilitate welding, and reduce manual post-processing procedures.


Why is photovoltaic important?

In recent years, with the development of the global economy, the photovoltaic industry has gradually become a new energy source for people's lives, which is of positive significance for protecting the environment and saving energy.




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