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How to Protect the Fiber Laser from Freezing in Winter?

How to Protect the Fiber Laser from Freezing in Winter?

The northern hemisphere countries have entered the winter, and the cold wave is coming fiercely. While protecting yourself from the cold, don’t forget to take anti-freezing measures for the fiber laser.


Why do we need to protect the fiber laser (water cooler) against freezing?

As we all know, the density of ice is less than water. Once the cooling water is flowing through the core components of the laser freezes, the volume will expand, which may cause severe damage to the pipeline. Seriously affect the safety of the core components of the laser cutting machine, causing significant losses.

What are the requirements for the ambient temperature of the laser?

If it exceeds this range, not only the laser may be unstable. In severe cases, it may even cause damage to the laser, such as icing the internal cooling water pipe.


What are the main reasons that cause the laser (water cooler) to freeze?

1. The temperature is below zero, there is no heating facility, and the laser stops running for a long time

2. The temperature is below zero, and there are heating facilities, but the heating and power supply are stopped due to holidays (such as Christmas), and the laser will stop running for a long time

3. Place the water cooler outdoors

What can I do to protect my laser cutting machine in the winter?

1. Guaranteed ambient temperature

Use heating equipment to keep the ambient temperature of the working area where the laser is located above 0°C. Generally, it is more appropriate to set the temperature above 5°C.

2. Keep the laser and water cooler in operation

Keep the laser and water cooler always on, and the water flow can prevent freezing. (If you need to shut down during holidays, this plan is not applicable)

3. Drain the liquid from the laser and water chiller

Empty the water in the water tank and pipeline of the laser and water chiller as much as possible

Use antifreeze

4. Use antifreeze

5. If none of the above methods can achieve antifreeze, please consult the laser manufacturer for the specific method of adding antifreeze

Golden Laser Warmly Tips:

When the winter is over, please be sure to change to normal cooling water, and switch back to the original parameters. Before changing the water, please rinse the antifreeze entirely in the entire water tank and pipeline before changing the water usually. The deionization cartridge was replaced at the same time as the water was changed. Refill the water and exhaust the water pump before starting up. Otherwise, the water pump will be damaged.

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