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Laser Cutting Robot on the Household Appliance Manufacturing for Midea Group

Laser Cutting Robot on the Household Appliance Manufacturing for Midea Group

Golden Laser manufactured a specialized laser cutting robot for Chinese Midea Group. Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer. It is the world's largest producer of robots and appliances.

Golden Laser China recommends the 6-axis laser-cutting robot; it offers the perfect combination of precise trajectory control, extensive reach, high speed, and compact size. This robot laser cutting machine adopts an enclosed structure. The laser cutting robot can install on the top to facilitate laser cutting and parts handling. Matching multiple stations can improve processing efficiency. It is both safe and meets the requirements of automated production. This increased flexibility increases productivity at a very competitive price.


Enclosed Structural Laser Cutting Robot for Electrical Appliance Manufacturing



Finished Products of Laser Cutting Robot

6 Features of Laser Cutting Robot

Enclosed structure multi-station 3D robot cutting machine:

1. Closed structure to prevent the leakage of harmful substances generated during processing

2. Configure a built-in air duct, which can purify the internal environment of the equipment through an external dust collector

3. Isolate the working area of the operator and the mechanical equipment to avoid mechanical damage during operation

4. The whole machine runs automatically, and the operator training is simple

5. Configure ground rails to extend the robot's range of motion

6. Configure a waste conveyor to automatically transport the waste generated during the cutting process to the designated material frame


Existing Manufacturing Process

The existing method for removing the residual material is manual removal, and the personnel knocks the residual material with a tool to break it.

There are the following disadvantages:

1. The fracture is uncontrollable. The fracture damages the base metal and causes the product to be scrapped. Excessive fracture residue affects the grinding efficiency.

2. The pouring handle is not easy to break

3. Some parts are not easy to break and need to be made to cut off the mold to increase the cost

Laser cutting process

Using laser cutting brings the following conveniences:

1. The cutting position is fixed, the residue and material are easy to control, and the yield and efficiency are improved.

2. The material at the pouring handle is also easy to cut

3. Can be cut at one time to save mold cost

4. Part of the process holes can be directly cut to make the die-casting mold easy to manufacture and reduce the mold manufacturing cost

5. Multi-station saves labor and reduces manufacturing costs

6. Die casting completed

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