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High Speed 1500 Watt Laser Cutter for Drilling Holes on Stainless Steel Tubes

High Speed 1500 Watt Laser Cutter for Drilling Holes on Stainless Steel Tubes

What Can A 1500 Watt Laser Cutter Cut?

Generally, a 1500 watt laser cutter can cut stainless steel pipes of 6mm, carbon steel pipes of 14mm, aluminum pipes of5mm, brass pipes of 5mm, galvanized steel pipes, and copper pipes of 4mm. To ensure the yield and efficiency of your production, we recommend that you send the raw materials to Golden Laser, the leading cnc tube cutting machine supplier in the world, to make free material testing and then decide on what power of fiber laser cutting machines you should buy .

What Materials Is The 1500w Tube Laser Cutting Machine Applicable?

U-shaped, L-shaped, I-beam, round, square, rectangle, oval, and other irregular profiles and pipes are applicable for cutting by1500w tube laser cutting machines.

What Industries Can 1500 Watt Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Be Used?

In recent years, 1500 watt fiber laser cutting machines have been widely used in metal fabrication, metal furniture manufacturing, outdoor leisure products manufacturing, fitness equipment, metal shelves, stainless steel products, warehousing logistics, photovoltaic brackets and other industries.

Samples of 1500 Watt Laser Cutters

1500 watt laser cutter samples

Laser Cutting Minimum Hole Size

The principle of laser cutting is that the high-density light spot melts the metal material, and then the melted material is blown away by the auxiliary gas. The laser cutting speed is affected by the thickness of the raw material. When laser cutting is going on, the overheating of the metal material will affect the cutting effect, so there is a minimum hole size for metal pipes of different thicknesses. The laser cutting minimal hole size is related to the thickness of the metal tube.

Material Thickness

Mild Steel (Min)

Aluminum (Min)





















Laser Drilling Applications

Laser drilling has most advantages of laser cutting. Once a certain angle between the beam and the surface of the metal material is formed, the metal laser cutting machine can make holes by using laser beam. This effectively avoids the impact and damage to the raw materials caused by structural interference during the laser hole drilling.

Smart laser cutting machines can drill various round holes, square holes, oval holes, etc., on metal pipes. Therefore, it is widely used in medical equipment, fitness equipment, automobile manufacturing such as body and frame, aerospace, household appliances, construction machinery manufacturing industry, etc.

Golden Laser provides customization service of laser cutting machine, which can be customized according to different applications. For example, the lengthened laser pipe cutting machine, the enlarged chuck, the matching dross collector, the automatic loading and unloading device, and the connection with the Mess management system. At the same time, there are also standard laser cutting machines in stock, welcome to inquire.

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