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3000W Laser Cutting Machine with High Speed for Metalworking Business

3000W Laser Cutting Machine with High Speed for Metalworking Business

What Can A 3000w Laser Cutting Machine Cut?

Golden Laser currently manufactures fiber laser cutting machines ranging from 1500W to 30kW and laser tube cutting machines ranging from 1500W to 6kW. In recent years, more and more customers have chosen a 3000W pipe laser cutting machine, which is cost-effective and can also meet customers' various production requirements. 3000w laser cutting machine can stably and cleanly cut carbon steel 20mm, stainless steel 10mm, aluminum 8mm, brass 8mm, copper 5mm, and galvanized steel 6mm(thickness).

In our life, metal products are seen everywhere, and all walks of life are inseparable from metalworking. And CNC laser pipe cutter machines have gradually become a mainstream for metal cutting and blanking equipment. 3000w laser cutter is usually used for pipe fittings, steel structures, railings, kitchen products, household appliances, fitness equipment, metal tables and chairs, bicycle brackets, auto parts such as exhaust pipes, fire pipes, and so on.

3000w laser cutting machine samples

3000w laser cutting machine samples

3kW Fiber Laser Price

How much does a 3000w laser cutting machine cost? When you buy fiber laser cutting machine, you must be very concerned about its price, so what factors affect the price of the laser tube cutting machine?

● Company Brand;

● Fiber laser source brand, the price of imported and domestic products is different;

● Fiber laser source power, higher power lasers are more expensive;

● Fiber laser cutting system, imported and domestic prices are different;

● Custom fiber laser cutters are usually more expensive than standard laser cutters.

If you want to buy an affordable fiber laser cutting machine, we recommend you to buy our small tube laser cutting machine. It takes only a 40HQ container to pack, saving you transportation cost and takes less factory space. Also, equipped with our automatic system, it is very easy to learn, use and maintain. We believe it will definitely bring more benefits to who wants to own fiber laser machines.

How 3000w Laser Cutting Machine Can Improve Customer's ROI in Production?

  • The power consumption of the 3000w laser cutting machine is 25kw/h, which is low in energy consumption. 

  • Fewer consumables, only need nozzles and lenses. 

  • The fully automatic feeding machine only needs one worker, which saves labor costs. 

  • A 3000w laser cutter can run for 24 hours with a high rate of return.

How Fiber Laser Works?

Operation process of 3000W laser pipe cutting machine

The automatic bundle loader puts the bundle material at the feeding port, then drives the raw material through the chain to automatically divide the material; after the intelligent auto feeder automatically measures the length, the gripper sends a single pipe to the middle of the front and rear chucks. After the interaction of signals, the fiber laser pipe cutting machine automatically clamps the pipe and sends it to the cutting port; the laser pipe cutting machine reads the G code program, and sends commands through the host to start the corresponding movement of each axis; the laser cutting head starts to come out; at the same time, the auxiliary cutting gas is discharged, and laser cutting is performed, and the final processed pipe will be automatically blanked.

Ergonomic full touch bus control panel

  • The combination of full touch control and panel-assisted control provides a friendly man-machine interface; 

  • The design of the operating table is ergonomic; 

  • the Golden Laser fiber laser pipe cutting machine adopts a bus control system, which can realize automatic feeding, automatic pipe length measurement, and automatic laser cutting, automatic unloading.

How CNC laser pipe cutter machine make laser hole drilling and truncating

About the laser drilling technology, the fiber laser pipe cutting machine instructs each axis to operate cooperatively according to the G code. The laser cutting head emits laser light to cut holes and truncate. The front chuck of Golden Laser's intelligent laser pipe cutting machine adopts a double-row jaw structure to ensure that the tube is in the center of the chuck. The laser software will also compensate for it.

How Bundle loaders save labor and improve efficiency

The automatic feeding machine places the bundles at the feeding port, drives the chain through the chain, and automatically divides the material. After the automatic length measurement, the gripper sends the single pipe to the middle of the front and rear chucks. After interacting with the signals, the pipe laser cutting machine automatically grabs the tube. It sends it to the cutting port, thus saving manual pipe loading!

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