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What Are the Advanced Applications of Cnc Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in the Furniture Industry?

What Are the Advanced Applications of Cnc Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in the Furniture Industry?

An epidemic has pushed office furniture to the C position in the public eye. Especially those office furniture with both design aesthetics and ergonomics have been favored by more and more people. At the same time, this also brings a lot of pressure and challenges to the office furniture industry!

Today's office furniture market is highly competitive, and it is a big problem for office furniture companies to stand out in a market with serious homogeneity:

These enterprises must not only have technical knowledge of metal processing, but also be proficient in furniture design and understand the needs of end users. Only by combining the three can the unique shape and functional advantages of office furniture be brought into full play. How should office furniture companies stand out?

1. The application of CNC laser pipe cutting machine for pipe processing is the key to enhancing the added value of products

The office furniture industry has developed into a relatively mature industry. The products in this industry have high technical content and additional profits are also very considerable.

In order to improve the enthusiasm of employees in today's enterprises, extended lift desks and ergonomic chairs have gradually become the standard in the office. At the same time, considering the mobility of the office, mobile desks and other mobile technologies will also become a new office furniture trend.

Office furniture is more and more inclined to be customized: unique and personalized office furniture can highlight the status of enterprises, and at the same time, it is also of great benefit to the unification of the overall environment of the office environment.

The furniture industry found that in the entire production process, compared with major furniture companies, the biggest difference in the production process is the pipe processing technology, which is the key to truly enhancing the added value of products. The application of CNC laser pipe cutting machine is a magic weapon to improve the efficiency and quality of pipe processing.

2. The advantages of CNC laser pipe cutting machine

In addition to the pain points faced by the furniture industry during production, the core value of furniture products lies in creative design and comfortable experience. The most important thing is to realize the designer's idea perfectly through process design and pipe processing.




These seemingly simple appearances hide exquisite design methods and the ultimate pursuit of craftsmanship. Through extremely demanding precision machining, each component is organically combined, and the composition of each component is completely dependent on their inclination and Complex shape.

To meet such requirements, traditional craftsmanship requires a lot of manpower and material resources, or even impossible. But with the CNC laser pipe cutting machine, all the problems caused by the traditional process will be solved easily.

All processes can be implemented on one machine tool, reducing the transfer of parts between equipment, which can not only greatly improve production efficiency, but also obtain high-precision and high-quality parts, and ensure the consistency of parts.

At the same time, the parts can be freely designed to optimize the pipe splicing and the overall process flow. High-quality CNC laser pipe cutting machine cutting quality can also avoid subsequent deburring and other processes, greatly reducing labor.

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