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3Kw Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine P2060A from Brazil Customer Testimonials

3Kw Automatic Tube Laser Cutting Machine P2060A from Brazil Customer Testimonials

Anderson Ramalho said: Máquina para tubo da Metal Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers - Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd instalada e produzindo no cliente,efetuei a instalação e treinamento em 6 dias,obrigado Yan Liang(engineer). Thank you for your help!

One more P2060A 3kw pipe cutting machine start working in Brazil.

The top 5 benefits of completed  automated tube laser cutting machine P2060A:

● With an automatic bundle loader and unloader, you could decide the layout based on the available space, but above all, to meet your production requirements. Simplify the processing procedure and realize the intelligent production mode of Industry 4.0.

● Flexible laser cutting ability: Flying shears, jumping cutting, 3D stereo correction, non-inductive perforation, automatic seam recognition, and other functions. Ensure production efficiency and satisfactory quality.

● Touch Screen Technology: 

1. Easy user interface

2. Integrated management saves time

3. Easy to clean and maintain

4. Durability

● Automatic Deslagging (optional)

The inner wall of the workpiece is clean and beautiful without leaving any slag, which improves the quality.

● Floating Support System

During the pipe cutting process, the support automatically adapts to the change of the pipe rotation posture. Ensure more stability during pipe processing.

Affected by COVID-19, it is no longer as convenient to leave the country as before. Many purchasers also worry about the installation and training issues after purchasing the laser cutting machine. GoldenLaser provides fiber laser cutting machine installation instructions, operating instructions, and 7*24 hours of online support to eliminate your doubts after purchasing the laser cutting equipment. Before buying the metal laser cutting machine, we also support demonstrating online. Please don't worry about pre-sales and after-sales service. 

Even if we can't communicate face-to-face, we still provide you with the best quality laser cutting machine and support.

Let's discuss the tube laser cutting machines more! Distributors Wanted Globally!


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