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Applications of Laser Cutting Machine in Aero Engine

Applications of Laser Cutting Machine in Aero Engine

Hundreds of parts of an aero-engine from the air intake to the tail nozzle all need laser cutting, among which the laser cutting of fan-shaped vane plate, heat shield and chemical milling parts are typical parts. Next, we will introduce the application of advanced laser cutting machine technology in aero-engine manufacturing in terms of parts requirements, equipment selection, and application results.

1. Laser cutting machine for precision machining of fan-shaped blade plate holes

The fan-shaped block is a typical structural part of aero-engines, which is formed by high temperature vacuum brazing by the flow channel vane plate, the large curved vane plate, the blade, the T-shaped vane plate and the upper vane plate from the inside to the outside.

The blade is a rolled part. In order to meet the requirements of brazing on the assembly gap between the blade and the blade hole on the blade plate and the requirements for the position of each type of hole, laser cutting is allowed for the machining of the airfoil holes of the flow channel vane plate, the large curved vane plate and the upper vane plate.

Guaranteeing the contour, position and remelting layer requirements of the part is the difficulty in making the part.

2. Laser cutting machine for the processing of runner vane parts

The precise cutting of heat shield group hole laser on the heat shield is conical multi-ring wave, the hole is perpendicular to the surface of the part, and the number varies from 20 to 100,000. Such parts are generally manufactured by sheet metal forming and welding processes. After heat treatment, large deformation will remain, and the deformation is not easy to eliminate.

The machining of the hole lies in the positional accuracy of the hole center from the wave crest. Due to the large deviation of the parts in the free state and the large number of holes, the general machining method cannot be efficient and could not meet the quality requirements, so laser machining is required. For example, if the hole diameter to be machined is greater than 0.8mm, the hole should be processed by laser ring cutting.

It is a difficulty for the part to ensure the hole position degree when the part has large roundness and deviation of wave height and wave distance.

3. Laser cutting machine for heat shield parts processing

The actual position of each wave peak of multiple waves on the part is measured by scanning the part feature, and then the multi-function machining program is used to adjust the drilling position of each row to realize the axial high-precision drilling of the annular wave part.

4. Laser cutting machine for part feature scanning

The hole on the part is perpendicular to the surface of the part, and the traditional tracking method is to trace along the machining direction, which will produce a certain height deviation. Using directional tracking surface technology to ensure the correctness of hole position measurement and processing. Directional tracking surface technology, through the application of multiple advanced functions ensures the requirements of the parts and finished the hole cutting of the parts.

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