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Customer case | Intelligent & automatic tube laser cutting production line

Date: 2019-12-17

After several months hard-working, the P2070A intelligent & automatic tube laser cutting production line for copper tube cutting and packing has been finished and operated.

This is a German 150-year-old food company. According to customer requirements, they need to cut 7 meters long cooper tube, and the whole production line should be unattended and in line with German security standards. What’s more, the tube cut end should be clean and there is no waste tube, and after cutting and cleaning, the finished tube should put into the designated box by robot in order.

After several times negotiating and sample testing, the customer finally placed the order to us. And we put forwarder the laser cutting production line as below:


Production line layout

Detailed description of all parts

(1)2.5T round tube quick auto bundle loader system  


Fast feeding mode, the first tube feeding time is 10s, the latter is 3s.

(2)P2070A Fully automatic tube laser cutting machine


1)it is equipped with full motorized floating support with can guarantee the high accuracy during the high cutting speed;

2)it is CNC controlled and run by G code which is matching with all the CAM software such as Lantek,  Siamanest, Metalix... etc;

3)the machine has minimized the wastage part which can save your raw material costs; (we can make minimal 50-80mm wastage materials.);

4)the being cut products & wastage separation system can let you easy to divide finished products and wasted products;

5)the plentiful digital design database accumulated from years of practical experience helps you design what you want;

6)the auto load system realized the automatically working saving the labor costs

(3)Receiving Belt


(4) Pneumatic Feeding Fixture


(5) Automatic tube end cleaning by robot


Fanuc M20iA quickly clean and brush the inner wall adhering slag

(6)Automatic robot unloading and packing


After cleaning, the Fanuc M20iA robot grabs and puts the cleaned tube into the packing box which can be filled with more than 3000 tubes.

(7)Fences and security doors


Using Omron safety switch, the whole machine complies with CE standards

To meets the customer’s requirements, we had integrated our professional  production manager, electrical engineer, automatic engineer, robot engineer and other experienced workers to make this whole production line.

For more detailed pls check the video link in youtube:

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